GRANDSUN- Grand Jury Out Now. Convicted on all 1000 counts of being dope.


Artist Curtis Bell (“Grandsun”) is a motivational artist born in Rochester NY and raised in Atlanta. Being raised in the streets of Atlanta and having ties and connections in NY along with having a father whom was a city councilman as well as an event promoter was able to position Grandsun into obtaining the best of both worlds. With his music, personality, as well as maintaining a strong will and confidence in the music industry and having many connections in the music business this has allowed him to get to where he is at thus far.

 Grandsun’s music influences come from artists such as Willy Hutch, Bobby Womack, David Ruffin, Tupac, and Biggie Smalls. Grandsun is a motivational street artist with a soul and trap harmony feel. Grandsun has opened up and worked with many artists including but not limited to Future, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Rocko, Max B, French Montana, Migos, Fabulous, T.I, Young Dro, and DJ Esco to name a few. In 2017 Gransun joined “Future” on his “Nobody’s Safe Tour” and is looking forward to again joining him on his upcoming tour in the second quarter of 2019.

Grandsun also can take credit in the founding of Atl Producer “ATL JACOB” Grandsun personally introduced Atl Jacob to Future and Casino and the connection was very productive, Atl Jacob went on to produce 7 songs on Future’s album titled “ The Wizard”.

 Grandsun recently developed a relationship with NY JETS player LE’VEON BELL whom also has a new single out and performed with him at club HQ2 in Atlantic City and has future plans of joining him on additional shows.

 Grandsun has been making music and has been in the music business since a young age and it has taken him through many avenues and platforms at certain points during his music career and up until most recently he has come to the realization that parts of his previous management team needed to be replaced and that he needed to reposition himself and open himself up to a stronger and more experienced management team that will allow him to bring himself to the front of the stage where he rightfully belongs.



GRANDSUN – Feel Like Floyd

GRANDSUN – Finesse Ya Boyfiend

GRANDSUN – We Servin


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