Aye Sanford- The Voice of “Urban Soul”

Alexander Brosha Sanford known as Aye (A) Sanford Is an American Christian hip hop artist but he would rather call it “Urban Soul” keeping soul winning at the fore front, a songwriter,producer and Video Director . He is the president, owner and founder of an independent record label WHL Universal Records, and the president of non-profit Greater Impact CDC Mississippi & the Wild Honey N Locust Brand, and Industry Bosses Magazine in Milwaukee,WI. He was born in Batesville, Mississippi but raised in the inner city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. To date he has released two studio albums and two mixtapes as a solo artist, first Album in 2014 titled Wild Honey N Locust Led with hits single “I will not be denied” often reminds ppl of T-Pain and 2nd single “Eagle “ which introduced the soul vibe with hard hip hop drums took listeners  on the journey through the transparent lyrics and abstract harmonies.. In 2018 Aye Sanford created and released the album he believes he was born to write “Back To The Basics “ an album written as a letter to the young generation.. taken back to what hip hop use to be “The Big Brother”… with innovative tracks like “Big Chillin” & “Desires” or hard core street anthems that inspire like “Keep Runnin “ featuring Batesville,MS rapper “ Douglas1st has become and Anthem and symbol in the local communities.. Aye Sanford , Black Belt in Kempo Goju Karate, Father, Brother ,Son & Spiritiual Leader and mentor has created and sound and is now performing And spreading his own wave.. Wild Honey N Locust.. not just a sound.. but a Vibe..




Aye Sanford – Dersires




Aye Sanford – Big Chillin



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