Getting to know JameyMo

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We have all heard the phrase “a jack of all trades, but a master at none”, of course that means someone is good at many different things, but not exceptionally great at any of the things they know how to do, but now there is a new word to counter the phrase jack of all trades and that’s called an “Everythingist”, a person that does any and everything exceptionally well.  An everythingist can do everything and that’s exactly what JameyMo does…. everything, and she is a master of them all!
JameyMo hailing from the state of Colorado is a singer, rapper, writer, comedienne, prominent businesswoman and much more and she does each and every thing she sets her mind to effortlessly as she makes season veterans in each field seem as if they are rookies with the talent and power she possesses.  Don’t just take our word for it, you will have to witness the brilliance behind JameyMo’s talent for yourself.  Listen to the links below and get familiar with her music and overall talent.  JameyMo is a master at all!

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