A Candid Convo With Artist Jonah Melvon

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing San Francisco Bay area artist Jonah Melvon. You can expect to see Jonah explode on the scene nationwide. He is a socially conscious  lyricist which is a breath of fresh air to today’s urban music scene.


1) When did you start your career?

I put out my first record in 2009. I should not have waited so long to put out works of art, but being from the city of Oakland where there are so many dope artists, this intimidated me which caused a delay in putting out my music

2) Who inspires you as an artist?

From a creative standpoint, I love the classics of Sade, Frankie Beverly and Maze, to the more modern music of Musiq Soulchild, Daniel Ceasar, BlackStar, and Saba

3) Tell us about you as an artist, elaborate:

As a black male from Oakland and with the experiences I faced, writing music became my safe place. Eventually I wanted others to be able to experience this safe place through my art. I love writing about awareness of oneself or those around you. Doing my part to better humanity, and to help people work through suffering and trauma, also to help people relax and have fun in the process.

4) What upcoming projects are you working on?

I just released my sophomore record “RainWater Project”. The idea behind the title, was initially a few things. First off, when my daughter was about one years old, she had trouble going to sleep. Eventually my wife and I discovered this rain app, which we would play right before her bedtime. This discovery lead to her going right to sleep. This calming mood impacted me as a song writer, how it could settle all the madness of life in that moment. 2nd off, my wife would always mention how much we needed the rain, because we were going through a pretty bad drought at that time. And finally, one of the first songs I wrote on this record without having the title in place, (which is actually the last song on the record), is my song “Knockin”. Everything from the melodie to the harmonies, encompasses a feeling of “rain”. All of these factors lead me to the concept of labeling the record, “RainWater Project”.

RainWater is always needed, sometimes it can be peaceful, and sometimes it can be a storm

5) What has been your biggest obstacle in the music biz and how did you overcome it?

My biggest obstacle has been having convictions. In this industry everything goes, and not being a “Yes” man doesn’t always work well in my favor for business. I’m not mad at it, but it is an obstacle.

6) Tell us something about you as a person and not an artist? What moves you?

God moves me to think bigger and outside of the box. Moving me to bring any kind of light to whatever I’m in.

7) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I am hoping my voice will continue to grow in the industry, to have the kind of influence I’m hoping to have. Bringing more consciousness, advocacy, etc.

8) In your opinion what is the biggest problem in the music industry in 2019?

There needs to be more equity for artists. The equity always seems to “fall out of” the artists hands.

9) Where can fans find your music?

All my branding and music is under my name @JonahMelvon


Full #RainWaterProject Spotify link


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