Getting to know El Zappo

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The current indie rap scene is more alive than ever and this is an artist long marked for success. Fresh off the streets of Benton Harbor, MI, El Zappo Foreign is making a serious impact.

Recognized and respected for his raw authentic sound, he has a gritty style and flow that will satisfy the most discerning listener!  Co-signed by many, he is compared to hip hop icons of all eras. Zappo was also featured on Honorable C.N.O.T.E.s “From Then To Now” album, which caught the eyes of media outlet Hot New Hip Hop.

Zappo revealed to Hood illustrated Magazine that his inspiration came from the death of his cousin whose name he took. Zappo said he was one of the people that encouraged him to take this music thing seriously. He hooked back up with his partner platinum producer Honorable C.N.O.T.E. in Georgia. He then released his debut mixtape “90DayRun” produced by Honorable Court producer Tony Trouble alongside other producers from the HC camp. Zappo has been through hell and back and prevailed stronger than ever. Don’t get it twisted, this is no cookie-cutter rapper, his style and charisma are what set him apart from the rest. He is setting the bar high for others in the game and predicted to make a huge impact in 2019!

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