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How long have you been doing what you’re doing and how did you get started in the first place?

I’ve done music all my life. I was 4 years old when I saw little violinists playing and wanted to start playing too. I’ve trained to be solo violinist and nowadays I play classical but also r&b, soul and other styles of music too. I also sing and play the piano. Music is my way to express my feelings and experience life.

Who were the first influences on your music and style?

When I was a child I listened only to classical music. From there I got a good knowledge of melody, harmony and rhythm aspects in music. As a teenager I started to listen to popular pop music and during the years I’ve found so many interesting genres and artists.

In your opinion who is the most influential and successful artist in your genre today and why?

Well I like many kind of music, not just one genre. That’s why I think there are so many great artists and musicians that I can’t name just one. Music is the language without limits and borders. When it touches the soul and heart of people it’s just perfect like that.

What aspect of the music making process excites you most, and what aspect discourages you the most?

Music making process is very interesting in every way. Always the start is exciting cause you never know what kind of result you will get. I’m not very patient when I need to process and process one thing many times. But I’ve learned that it’s sometimes a very important part of making music.

In your experience thus far, what is the best piece of advice in this business you actually followed? And one you didn’t follow, but now know for sure that you should have?

One of my early violin teachers said that the importance of practice and consistency is very important. I think that has been the best advice in my whole life. You need to practice, practice and again practice if you want to achieve something wonderful. I’m not sure if I like so much competition that is everywhere. Who is the right person to say what is good and what is not cause in the end it’s all about opinions. If I could give one piece of advice to young me, it would be that believe in yourself and never give up! Nobody knows better than you what you can achieve!

Which ingredient do you think is most essential in making your sound and style the way it is?

It’s that warm and loving heart that I have. I hope people can hear that in my music.

What single are you currently pushing and what will you be dropping next?

I’m doing currently my first own songs, cause till now I’ve done covers. This is very interesting time in my life, I’ve been dreaming of this so long. I’m also planning to do some new things with violin soon. Stay tuned about that.

What can fans expect from you in the future and where can they stay up to date on your movement?

I’m trying to release some new music, also a few covers quite soon. Hopefully I have the chance to perform live too with new music. You can follow me and my musical journey:
Twitter: @gabbimusicx
YouTube @gabbimusicx

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