Chicago’s Arabb Luciano & Rick Ross Drop Hot New Video “Don’t Understand”


There are very few artists in today’s era that really know how to grasp at catchiness in a whole new realm. Chicago’s rising star Arabb Luciano is doing just that captivating some of the most discerning music fans nationwide!
Delivering a style that really brings his charisma and melodic approach to the forefront, “Don’t Understand” is an exercise in hardcore gritty rap infused Hip Hop and unlimited swagger. This track’s lyrical structure keeps a solid flow throughout each measure and dives into authenticity, centering around his natural talent and gift of lyricism.
Crescent Music Group is the collaboration between Rick Ross’s MMG and Arabb’s label Crescent Records. Arabb is one of three founders of Crescent Records the other two co-founders are his brother Ayman Baker & his cousin Tamer Refaie who are also his managers and executive producers on the music video ‘Don’t Understand’ ft. Rick Ross. 

Cresent Records has also partnered with Mobbed Up Inc and Taco Boy on current and future projects. They have been a big part of his success, the three of them put their skills together and were able to create a hit song and get the attention of Rick Ross the CEO of MMG. They had him fly out to Chicago exactly a week after hearing his song and recording his verse on it.

His magnetic appeal is fused with street cred and authentic raw talent. This is an artist with the work ethic of a seasoned industry vet, full of raw energy and talent determined to win. Maybe its the fact the city he’s from produces tough hearted individuals whose dreams exceed their expectations.

Arabb Luciano is certainly setting the bar high for other artists and is predicted to become a very influential force in the urban music world.

Stay up to date with his movement:

Twitter: therealarabb

Instagram: therealarabb

Facebook: arabbluciano

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