“The Geneva Convention” Comic Book and Song

Slow Chemical NEW PIC Midnight95Inspired1
Rapper / comic book creator Slow Chemical (comic book pseudonym “Ryan White”) is changing the game with his latest comic book release “The
Geneva Convention” and the single to accompany the comic of the same name.
The Comic book for The Geneva Convention chronicles the adventures of Reyah Khan, a former CIA agent loving her life when her past comes back to haunt and attempt to kill her.  She goes on a mission with her friend Chase to put an end to an old
enemy while thwarting a billion dollar sex ring.  The comic is very colorful and action packed and you can check out a direct link to The Geneva Convention comic at the direct link below on Amazon
The song named after the comic to cross promote Slow Chemical AKA Ryan White’s talents is just as neat and well written as the pages of the comic!  The beat brings out some of the best in Slow Chemical lyrically and prompts him to deliver a stellar performance.  Listen to the full song at this direct link
Get more updates on the rapper / comic writer Slow Chemical at http://www.SlowChemical.blogspot.com
Slow Chemical The Geneva Convention SLAVE NO MORE SMALLER

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