Blackface & Black Music Production!

Junior Jumaine Coleman aka Blackface with Black Music Production! Born and raised in North Carolina in a city called Winston-Salem. As a kid music has always been my passion, growing up around a music foundation. His parents Mrs Carolyn Cunningham and Mr.Washington June Coleman have introduced music to him at an early age. Blackface learned how to play the guitar, drums, cornet and over the years have mastered the keyboard.  Black Music Productions have been a viable business for the last 2 years, and Blackface is determined to become one of the greatest producers in the music Industry. His Musical influences can be heard with the likes of DJ Khaled, Dr. Dre, T-Pain, and Pherell to name a few. His future aspirations are to work with artists like Drake, Migos, Gucci Mane, Yella Bezzy, Chris Brown, Tyler Bryson and many more.

Blackfaces’s music is in a league of its own and his sound is unique & unparalleled. Blackface has a bright future in the music industry and will continue to produce quality track.
If you are interested in leasing or purchasing any of Black Music Productions tracks, you can contact Blackface directly at or give him a call at 704-995-9425.
Break You off
Out Your Mind
Lord Have Mercy
Mystery Money


Presure Bust Pipes


Jump Start


Keep On 




Take Me As I Am 


I’m So Fly 

Photo Editor-20181008_194359

Kick Rocks 

Photo Editor-20181008_195100

Blood In Blood Out 

Bet That 


Be You 

Big Dreams 



For Leasing and Purchasing of these track please contact:






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  1. Patrice Warren July 7, 2019 — 3:25 pm

    Like the beats

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