Hip Hop Group “Rich Soul” Paints A Vivid Picture Of Urban Life Through Their Music


Rich Soul is a dynamic group consisting of brothers Lamar Kash, Noez Newton & Astro Jetsun. The 3 brothers were born in Nashville,Tennessee raised by a single mother. They recently changed the name in 2018 from Classroom Majors to Rich Soul to reflect on the groups transition into manhood. The group has recently been working on their next EP with several well known Grammy nominated producers. The group delivers a perfect balance of high physical energy and spot-on delivery. You can enjoy this firsthand when they perform their inspirational, universal song “Rise Up” at this years Juneteenth event in Atlanta, Ga.

Music always provided a voice to the brothers where no one else could. Pursuing their career at a young age their main influences were R&B and Gospel music. They fell in love with the sound and it continues to shape their musical artistry today. In 1999 they moved to Atlanta, Georgia to perfect their craft and expand their love of music. Focused and driven they were introduced to the sound and expression synonymous with Hip Hop music. All 3 of the talented brothers played integral roles in other music groups. It was only a matter of time before they realized that due to similar styles and vision they should form their own trio. In 2010 Classroom Majors was born to inspire, motivate, encourage and satisfy their listeners in a major way and with the rebirth of the group as Rich Soul they have grown into the name with the work ethic of seasoned industry vets. They have solidified themselves as part of the Hip Hop community. Today, the Hip Hop/R&B group is poised to become great with a unique sound and a profound message. They are currently promoting their single “Visa” which has achieved major success possibly becoming the main song on the soundtrack of an upcoming movie and “The Code” from their album “Soul Food” that was released Thanksgiving day 2017. Both singles are garnering attention from even the most discerning listeners!


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