Featured Hot Spot of the month. Meet Suzanne Nelson, owner of ChicDezignz Boutique. www. Chicdezignz.com

My name is Suzanne Nelson  owner of ChicDezignz Boutique.  Every success story has its own unique set of obstacles along the way. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 .  Commonly people say when they get the diagnosis their world stops but for me it meant action.   I  used this  unfortunate circumstance to fuel my passion even more. I began to embrace life with a clear focus and realized I  needed to use my talents to be a blessing to others. My entrepreneurial passion for Chic Dezignz Boutique grew exponentially through my experience. If you tried to describe me as a piece of jewelry, it would be a bib necklace.  Stand-a-lone piece, this type of jewelry has the power to make a statement, is multi-dimensional in design, and it has the outspoken charisma to allure different audiences with its charm.  This piece of jewelry is me. I am bold, layered and dazzling by nature.  It is quite a feat to be a mother, wife, full-time career woman, and entrepreneur but Suzanne Nelson does it all with style.


Looking for an accessory look that’s stylish, trendy, and will make you unforgettable? Look no further !!! Chicdezignz, Atlanta’s hottest accessory boutique has got what you need. We’re an online boutique for easy access, making women fabulous all around the globe. If stylish, classy, and timeless is what you’re after…then Chicdezignz is here for you!!! Visit us at www. Chicdezignz.com






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