iamcitylive.com By: India Ivyy

“Its a bird…it’s a plane”…NO ….it’s the launch of your favorite radio personality IamCity’s new website!

We’ve begged & pleaded and in true City fashion, he is finally delivering.

Today Monday, April 9, 2018 it’s official; everything City will be available in one spot, which if you no City, you know getting him in one spot is no walk in the park. But he did it!

After starting a successful design & graphics company, Innovative Design & Co, Blak Shyt apparel line, Motivational Speaking and becoming lead host to the hottest new show on Hot Noize Radio, ‘The Live City Show’,City has finally made time to create the most upscale and stylish website yet.

But beware its not just business, you know City had to give you a bit of everything.

Want to know City personally? Check out the page!…. Want to listen to City on the radio? Check out the page! Just obsessed with City in general? CHECK OUT THE PAGE!

The page offers photos of City from various events, stylin’, profilin’ & living it up like the rockstar he is… and even better, you can BOOK HIM for your next event so you can party like rockstars together!

Iamcitylive.com offers opportunites for that and more, including advertising and promotions on various platforms for whatever your business might be. But hey don’t just take my word for it…

Check out just a few of the items you can get customized by Innovative Designs & Co. now!

So without further adieu, we proudly unveil to you the brand new website of the man who always has a plan, MR.IamCITY!  Clink link below!


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