Easter with a ‘dash’ of Kardashian… By: India Ivyy

“Go BIG or GO HOME”… seems to be quite the family motto when it comes to the Kardashian-Jenner clan, and please believe they made sure to not disappoint for Easter 2018.  Live animals, colorful centerpieces, scrumptious treats oh and whats Easter if you dont have gold money-filled eggs scattered across the lawn for all the kids. In addition to various friends of the family Kim, Kourtney, Kris, and Kylie were all in attendance and then of course all their children, North West, Saint West, Mason, Penelope aka ”P”, and newest addition Stormi. Rapper and father of Kylie’s baby is also said to have made an appearance taking a picture with one of the overlarged bunny rabbit centerpieces.

Travis Scott posing with 10 ft. tall Easter bunny made of flowers sent to the family as a gift from family friend Jeff Leatham.

North West playing with the ‘chickadee’, part of the live farm the family got for the festive occasion.

Newest mom, Kylie was kind enough to give an extensive play by play of the festivities via her social media accounts. Among the photos, were snaps of  the tasteful and elegant decorations for the adult table and the more whimsical and youthful like decorations for the childrens’ table.

An up close look at the childrens’ dining table {top}, and the adult dining table {bottom}.

And let’s  talk about the kid’s table, forget about the awesome easter-egg sculpture centerpiece, the table was s urrounded by the mst adorable pink chairs and fluffy white stools.

Oh no…but wait…the creativity doesnt stop there, there were quite a few photots of some delicious-looking delectables, that included golden doughnuts, carrot-topped cupcakes, egg shaped cupcakes and what appears to be a rainbow Rice Krispies pops…”YUUUMMM.” Kim even shared a snap of herself eating a rainbow grilled cheese sandwhich shaped like an egg. Like I said, delicios delectables…take a look for yourself.

Now Easter just isn’t Easter if you dont have a Easter egg hunt…and if your hunting Kardashian/Jenner style then you know nothing gives your hunt more incentive than gold eggs filed with dollars which were added among the multicolored eggs…just ask Kourtney’s oldest child Mason who judging from this pic, cleaned up quite nicely.

Let’s just say Mason cleaned up on the Easter egg hunt.

Needless to say Easter was nothing short of amazing in the Kardashian/Jenner home, and at the end of the day isn’tthat what it’s all about? no matter what, lets face it this is one family no matter what they doing they doing it together! Oh with the exception Khloe of course, who is currently expecting her first child any day now and is in Cleveland with boyfriend and Cavaliers player Tristan Thompson. Khole , however, wouldnt dare be left out of all the holiday fun so she was sure to share a selfie of herself in the holiday spirit.

Khloe’s Easter selfie shared via social media.

All in all this family lets you know, no holiday is too little or to big to shut the party down. I wonder what they have planned for 4th of July?

What are some traditions that your family do for the Easter holiday? Is the holiday over commercialized?What do you think of the Kardashian/Jenners over-the-top event?

Share your thoughts!!

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