The Not So Fabolous Life… By: India Ivyy

For over a decade we have watched, heard, speculated, criticized and commented on the roller-coaster ride that is the relationship of rapper John Jackson, better known as, Fabolous  and his on-and-off again, celeb stylist-turned reality TV star girlfriend, Emily Bustamante. Now we don’t know if its off right now, but according to sources,  Fab was arrested following an alleged domestic violence incident that occurred on yesterday.

No details have been released at this time, nor information as to what the exact cause of the assault was, only that sometime early Wednesday something led to Fabolous allegedly hitting Emily, and Emily then calling the police. Fab turned himself into Englewood, NJ authorities later that evening ,where he was not hit with one…but TWO criminal charges: third-degree aggravated assault and third-degree terroristic threats. Police have not yet revealed the identity of the victim involved in the other charge, but the arrest did indeed occur after the alleged assault on Emily.

Now we dont know for certain, but we imagine Fab’s and Emily’s relationship timeline went a little like this: Fab opens up some time ago about his long time relationship with emily in an interview and admits they have been dating since 2003. The couple remains somewhat low-key and off the radar until they having their first son Johan in Feb 2008.

Emily and Fab with their firstborn son, Johan.

A few years later Emily B would join the breakout cast of the hit reality series Love and Hip Hop, she remained from 2011-2012. It was during this time we were allowed a closer look at the ups and downs of their relationship, and ultimately “the hell” Em’s been putting up with all these years.

The cast of seasons 1 & 2 of Love and Hip Hop NY: (L to R) Yandy, Kimbella, Chrissy, Olivia, Emily B. And Somaya.

But no matter what the obstacle nothing was to big too big, too deep or too uncomfortable for the two of them. They continued to push thru and in June of 2015 Emily gave birth to another beautiful boy, Jonas Jackson; bringing their family total to 5, 3 children when you count Emily’s daughter, Taina, that Fab has raised almost her entire life and their two boys.

(L to R) Johan, Fabolous, Jonas, Emily B., & Taina enjoy family time out.

So there you have it, after 15 years, a semi kept quiet relationship, 2 kids, a reality show and what seems to be absolutely 0 hopes of marrage anytime soon, this is the story that is Fabolous and Emily; and then to endure all of this and then be assaulted by the man you love and father of your children, talk about ‘the grass ain’t always greener’.

And apparently Fab felt it too, he posted this message to his social media late last night after being arrested but quickly deleted it.

Fab takes to social media after turning himself into police, what do you think of the now-deleted post?

According to authorities, Fabolous hasn’t spent any time behind bars and will appear in court on a later date.

So the moral to the story…’everything that glitters ain’t gold’ and everything about Fab’s life is clearly not all “F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S”.

But in the meantime Check out this 2004 Fab classic, ‘Breathe’, which may have been would Fab should have done to begin with….

Fabolous – “Breathe”

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