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The Kathryn Yancey – All Everythang Show with DJ Paul

The Kathryn Yancey – All Everythang Show with DJ Paul is two hours of humor-laden inspiration that explores all aspects of humanity. We cover a broad range of subjects, from the least appealing of situations to the most ideal of circumstances, and explore them in depth. Our guests are real people, from all walks of life, who desire to share their personal experiences with a sense of humility, honesty, and transparency. It is our hope that our relaxed, yet nonjudgmental approach to interviewing, will vastly appeal to those seeking hope, education, and motivation. Ideally, we want our audience to learn from the mistakes of our guests, as well as to learn how to gain the necessary tools, skills, and positioning necessary to achieve extraordinary levels of success.

Success in our eyes is multifaceted and reflects balance mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. Our ultimate goal is to work towards the removal of shame and stigmas associated with various conditions and subjects such as HIV, mental health disorders, and financial hardships. We believe that with the proper support and encouragement, people who are affected by various afflictions, including but not limited to the ones above, will at some point be able to take the necessary actions to possess a greater quality of life. 


Be sure to tune in to The Kathryn Yancey – All Everythang Show with DJ Paul, Tuesday, 7pm – 9pm EST on Hot Noize Radio.



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