Evolution With The Twyce Twins | Tuesday 1PM – 3PM @twyce_impact


Evolution With The Twyce Twins

Podcast/Radio Hosts, Authors, Speakers & Inspirational Twin sisters,” The Twycetwins”, joins the daytime weekly syndicated talk-show field, on Hot Noize Radio while bringing their distinctive personality to radio/television.  In addition to celebrity interviews, their regular segments include Hot Topics, Bringing Up the Vibrations, and Reality Updates. Evolution with The Twyce Twins features The Twin sisters, Patrix and Patrica aka The Twycetwins, giving their honest opinions and often inspirational fun take on the latest reality shows and entertainment headlines.  Patrica & Patrix offers a positive influence to others through our life’s challenges and adversity from life experiences. Tune in each and every Wednesday beginning at 1 P.M. EST.



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